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Education & Strategies to Help You Succeed!

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Education & Strategies to Help You Succeed!

“We’re A Little Different!”

“College Ain’t For Everybody!” At The Paone Group we believe in less standardized education for purely academic reasons, and more emphasis on career- and lifestyle-oriented education.  We want to teach people not just about earning a living, but how to create wealth and live the life they desire.

You Won’t Know Until You Ask!

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Personal & Professional Thoughts About Anything & Everything

Choosing a “Good” College

I speak with high school students daily who are trying to decide whether to go to college and, if they do, where they should go. Everyone talks about choosing a[…]

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“What Do You Do?” revisited*

“So, What Do You Do?” I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked that, as I’ve reconnected with old friends, old business associates and, well, at my age[…]

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Happy New Year

It took two snow days, two unexpected days off (when I couldn’t schedule anything ahead of time), but I’m finally at the point where I can sit back and collect[…]

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