Tis the season…

The holiday season is a time to step back from our daily grind to spend time with family and friends, and reflect on the year that’s past and the year ahead.

For those who work for someone else, the company determines when you get to spend that time.  In brick-n-mortar retail, for instance, holidays are shortened as associates are made to work on “eves” and holidays for what the company says is “shopper convenience” but is really nothing more than corporate greed. If stores didn’t open on Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve, people would still do their shopping on Black Friday (beginning at 8am) or December 23. Shopper procrastination will always expand — and contract — to match store hours, but the amount of money spent isn’t going to change. The company is only increasing its costs and lowering profits by staying open longer and paying more wages for the same consumer dollar.

For those who work for themselves, how well you manage your time dictates when you get time off. For instance, I’m up at 7am on Christmas Eve day working on projects for clients who are probably still sleeping. I’ll work until 9am then head to the gym, and after that I won’t sit in front of the computer until sometime late on Christmas day (probably after the second round of dinner). No one is forcing me to work on what are typically holidays, but as the builder of my own economy I see direct benefits beyond an hourly wage from putting in a couple of hours when others aren’t.

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However you decide to spend your time, make sure you spend it the way you want. Whether it’s celebrating with family and friends or quietly observing and reflecting on the time ahead, I hope you enjoy this holiday season.

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