Your Business Won’t “Weight”

Sitting here on a relaxing Sunday, multi-tasking; playing the new FireFan sports app, networking on the phone and FB for Market America, programming websites, writing an HTML exam for my last college course of the semester, and trying to think of something earth-shattering to share on my blog.

Can it really be referred to as “multi-tasking” if you’re struggling at everything?! LOL

Luckily the weight room wasn’t a “struggle” this morning. I mean, I worked out legs heavy (got 870lbs for 2 reps on the leg press!), but I got through all my reps with all my heavy weights so it felt like a great workout. Not like yesterday. Yesterday’s chest/shoulder day was a true struggle. Even the not-so-heavy weights felt way-to-heavy, and the sets and reps seemed to just drag on. But I’ve learned you’ve got to get all the reps in, even on days when you don’t want to, to keep on track.

Same can be said for networking. I constantly hear the online pundits and seminar mentors talk about how “heavy” the phone is; about how people typically in home-based businesses hate making calls. But newbies and veterans know making calls is part of owning and running your business. And that’s true for brick-n-mortar as well as click-n-order.

It’s just like the weight room (I know, that’s a weak segue. Told you I was struggling). You gotta make the calls, send the texts/emails, talk to people, even when you don’t want to. Your business won’t grow without work, and it’s definitely not going to happen overnight. No one ever started out bench pressing 300lbs. You start where you start (usually just the bar!) and then add weight a little at a time, over time, as your body adjusts to the resistance. You should seek out “coaches” to help with your form and methods, but in the end it still has to be you pushing – either weights or dials.

Thanks for reading.

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