In Search of a “Side Hustle”! 

As the figurative fireworks explode to celebrate the Stock Market’s meteoric rise to 23,000 pts (they say “points,” not “dollars,” because they don’t want us to think it’s about money), many of us looking up can only watch as the embers fall and fizzle. The hype and glare of this mythical milestone of prosperity hide […]

Tis the season… 

The holiday season is a time to step back from our daily grind to spend time with family and friends, and reflect on the year that’s past and the year ahead. For those who work for someone else, the company determines when you get to spend that time.  In brick-n-mortar retail, for instance, holidays are […]

Your Business Won’t “Weight” 

Sitting here on a relaxing Sunday, multi-tasking; playing the new FireFan sports app, networking on the phone and FB for Market America, programming websites, writing an HTML exam for my last college course of the semester, and trying to think of something earth-shattering to share on my blog. Can it really be referred to as “multi-tasking” […]