In Search of a “Side Hustle”! 

As the figurative fireworks explode to celebrate the Stock Market’s meteoric rise to 23,000 pts (they say “points,” not “dollars,” because they don’t want us to think it’s about money), many of us looking up can only watch as the embers fall and fizzle. The hype and glare of this mythical milestone of prosperity hide […]

What’s Your “Why”? 

Why? It’s a simple enough question, but often the hardest to answer and understand. For example, when a child asks, “why is the sky blue?”, there’s a scientific answer they’re likely to not understand. But they’ll look at you, maybe give a little nod of their tiny head, and say, “oh”, and move on. Change […]

Comfortably Miserable 

“Comfortably Miserable” I was surprised I had never heard this term before. It came up in a conversation as I was sitting on the deck of a vacation home overlooking the ocean on a late summer evening. I’ve always enjoyed the beach communities in southern New Jersey (no, not that “Jersey Shore”), but for some […]

Retail is Hardly “Dead” 

“The report of my death has been greatly exaggerated!” ~ Mark Twain Like Chicken Little proclaiming the demise of the sky, TheStreet has spent the past week reporting on “the death of retail.” They cited the loss of 89,000 retail jobs since October (and 61,000 just in February and March) and a “wave” of store […]

College Presidents: Americans Wrong; Only Care About Jobs! 

Hmmm….. It appears Americans don’t know what college is for. At least that’s what a majority of college presidents believe, according to a recent Gallup survey analyzed by Forbes contributor, Ames Brown.* Brown said that American Council on Education’s Terry W. Hartle, a senior vice president for government and public affairs, was quoted as saying ‘College presidents […]

Tis the season… 

The holiday season is a time to step back from our daily grind to spend time with family and friends, and reflect on the year that’s past and the year ahead. For those who work for someone else, the company determines when you get to spend that time.  In brick-n-mortar retail, for instance, holidays are […]

Your Business Won’t “Weight” 

Sitting here on a relaxing Sunday, multi-tasking; playing the new FireFan sports app, networking on the phone and FB for Market America, programming websites, writing an HTML exam for my last college course of the semester, and trying to think of something earth-shattering to share on my blog. Can it really be referred to as “multi-tasking” […]

Prioritizing the Important Things 

The ensuing end-of-year personal inward reflection period is coming up quickly, so I wanted to get to mine now so I could focus on the rest of the holiday’s demands. I’m not typically this far ahead on getting things done, although I used to be and took great pride in being organized. So….what happened? Why […]

The “You Economy” Explained 

Visitors to my Facebook pages and website have begun to ask me about the “You Economy.” So here’s my take…. Success Magazine heralds the “You Economy” with headlines like, “Work, play, and live your life on your own terms,” and “The 9-to-5 Job is Over,” beckoning us to “take control of your time, happiness and money.” […]