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In one form or another we all have it. Mortgages, car loans, credit cards, personal loans, student loans, whatever. And some of us have more than others.

Way more!

Debt takes its toll on each of us very differently. For some, the worry and anxiety of too much debt can strain personal relationships and have a crippling effect on their motivation and ambitions. Yet, there are others who are “comfortable” being in debt, existing just one major car repair or home appliance replacement away from bankruptcy.

At The Paone Group, we work with clients to manage and eliminate their debt through budgeting/forecasting education and time-tested, proven programs that focus on three major factors:

  • Interest Cancellation
  • Strategic Payoff
  • Time Value of Money

We customize a personalized debt-elimination plan using bank-quality financial tools. Then, through coaching and continuous mentoring and education, we guide you through your plan to reach your goals as quickly as possible, no matter how they may change. Hey, let’s face it; life happens! Even the best-laid plans may not include a new car, a wedding, or a major home repair. But when you establish priorities and time frames for your known expenses, it’s more manageable to fit emergencies into your short-, medium-, and long-term debt-elimination goals.

Our program features:

  • A comprehensive budgeting system, fine-tuned to your goals.
  • Software with enhanced calculations that allow changes to how aggressively you pay down debt and build wealth.
  • Ability to pay down multiple debts at the same time.
  • User-friendly software interface.
  • Personalized education and coaching.
  • Automatic account updates.
  • Helpful client support.

But our program is not for everybody. We can teach you what to do, show you how to do it, but we can’t do it for you. Just like a painter, a carpenter, or an auto mechanic, we can provide you the education and tools you need, but ultimately your success will be based on your commitment and persistence.

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