Your Organization Needs $$$! Our no-cost programs help you raise and keep it!

Raising money is difficult. You’re always asking for “more” from your volunteers and contributors — more time, more money — and sometimes that takes its toll on both!

The Paone Group provides simple, effective strategies to help your 501(c) organization meet and EXCEED its fundraising goals…and we do it:

  • without asking for more money from your contributors
  • without asking for more time from your volunteers
  • without asking for more money from you!

That’s right! Our programs are FREE! There are no costs to your association to run our solutions, so everything you collect you keep! That leaves more time for your members to actually enjoy the group’s social activities while exceeding your fundraising goals!

Our solutions are perfect for:

  • Youth and Team Sports ~ Stop depending on dues, designer bingo, and “canning” on corners! We’ll show you how to build a sustainable income base.
  • Alumni & Social Groups ~ Your members are loyal. They’re committed to your mission. We can show you a proven way to increase revenue and free up your volunteers for more important group activities.
  • Scholarships & Memorials ~ Scholarships and memorials honor your members. Our residual-generating programs help build and sustain monies so you can continue to recognize your members.

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