Non-Profit Fundraising

At The Paone Group we understand that raising money can be difficult.

We provide simple, effective strategies to help your organization meet and exceed its fundraising goals…and we do it without asking for:

  • more money from your contributors
  • more time from your volunteers
  • any money from you!

That’s right! Our programs are FREE!

There is no cost to your group to sign up or run our solutions — so everything you collect you keep!

Our solutions are perfect for:

  • Youth and Team Sports ~ Stop depending on dues, designer bingo, and unsafe “canning” on corners!
  • Emergency Services ~ Help your community save money on things it buys everyday while building a recurring revenue stream.
  • Alumni & Social Groups ~ Your members are loyal. They’re committed to your mission. We can show you proven ways to increase revenue from them while freeing up volunteers for more important activities.
  • Scholarships & Memorials ~ Our programs help build and sustain monies so you can continue to honor your members.
  • Websites ~ Your members go to your website for information. They check for schedules, special events and news, so why not draw revenue from them?

CONTACT us TODAY to schedule your 30-minute, no-obligation demonstration! It’s a small investment of your time to generate a sustainable residual income stream for your organization.