Get Out of Debt!

Eliminate debt and build personal wealth by making your money work for you!

Moving from the wrong side of zero and into a positive financial future might feel impossible, but it’s not. The Paone Group has partnered with, a national leader in debt reduction, to provide its individually tailored, easy-to-use online Debt Shredder software to give our clients the full picture of their debt and how to reduce it to nothing.

20/20 financial foresight… imagine the possibilities!

Our solutions provide specific guidance to the fastest ways to pay off your mortgage and other debts, and build a substantial savings based on your specific income, payments, living expenses and financial goals. Debt Shredder constantly monitors your finances and recommends which loans to pay off first, when to pay, or how much extra to send. You’re always in complete control; Debt Shredder merely guides you. It’s like a GPS for your money!

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We provide:

  • A comprehensive budgeting system, fine-tuned to your individual goals.
  • Enhanced calculations to pay down multiple debts at the same time.
  • User-friendly software interface.
  • Personalized coaching.
  • Automatic account updates.
  • Helpful client support.

Increase Equity, Build Assets, Create Wealth

Our solutions use complex algorithms to prioritize your debt payments to efficiently reduce interest payments and create more wealth for you. We are connected to most financial institutions with internet banking capabilities, saving you hours of research and data entry. Your personalized online dashboard displays the information you need to help you make smarter financial decisions, including the number of years to pay off debts, how much interest is saved, the amount of your discretionary income, the true value of your resources, and much more.

To see the “overview video” and to take the first step to achieving debt-free financial freedom, contact us TODAY! We’ll set you up with a free, no-obligation financial assessment that will show you the way to the debt-free life of your dreams.