The Unfranchise Opportunity

At The Paone Group we help people join the “You Economy” and start a home-based business with minimal investment and risk. We work with individuals and couples, young and once-young, who need to increase their household income but can no longer trade hours for dollars.

The key is to focus on residual income and leveraging effort; getting paid continuously on previous work, and getting paid on others’ work. This is what all business owners do to generate and increase their income.

After much research, and trying a few different home-based businesses, The Paone Group believes the Unfranchise Business from Market America / is the best opportunity available.

Like a franchise, Market America’s Unfranchise Business model provides:

  • state-of-the-art management systems
  • professional merchandising and marketing tools
  • on-going training, education and mentoring
  • best-of-class products in multiple billion-dollar industries
  • growing visibility in the international marketplace
  • own multiple business centers

Unlike a franchise:

  • no franchise fees
  • no monthly royalties
  • no territorial restrictions
  • not locked into a single product or service
  • little to no monetary risks
  • minimal startup expenses

The fear of losing money and publically failing are typically what keeps people in their current job, “comfortably miserable,” and stuck in a lifestyle that will never change. They hear horror stories of fortunes and homes lost and families torn apart, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need to take big risks to start a business and become financially independent.

If you’re serious about an opportunity that costs much less than a cell phone, and you are committed to working a couple of hours each week to ensure your business success, The Paone Group can help! 

But don’t wait until you’re desperate; it’s much easier to build a business when you don’t have to but you still see the need.

And we can’t help you if you’re looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. Let’s face it, if there was one out there we’d have done it ourselves and retired!

To see if you qualify as a potential Unfranchise Business Owner, give us a call TODAY!